This year Franconia Sculpture Park provided support for two new sculpture projects as part of the Horst M. Rechelbacher Pollinator Project, a new partnership between the Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation, The University of Minnesota Bee Lab, and Franconia Sculpture Park. The partnership is an interdisciplinary effort to support pollinator health at the Horst M. Rechelbacher Organic […]

The final four interns of 2017 are here! Jonathan Forrence, Angela St. Vrain, Samantha Rathbun, and Jordan Olsen have settled in to the house and on to the work pad, and they have begun creating new large-scale sculptures to be installed here at Franconia. Fall is our longest intern term here at the park, spanning […]

    New York artist Samantha Holmes arrived at Franconia Sculpture Park this summer as a FSP/Jerome fellow. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Experimental Mosaic from Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna, Samantha uses cultural symbols and patterns […]

Summertime is peak season here at Franconia Sculpture Park, with our Music@Franconia series, Kids Make Sculpture workshops, scratch block workshops and Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour, the Hot Metal Resident Artist Pour, and more visitors than any other time of the year! Meet the crew that keeps us going through our hottest time of the year: […]

Temperatures have been hot so far this summer, but its about to get even hotter here at Franconia, 2,700° in fact. That’s right, it’s that time once again for the annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour here at Franconia Sculpture Park! This summer marks the 21st year of the event, with an iron pour having taken […]

Jordan Rosenow and April Martin arrived at Franconia this summer as an FSP/Jerome fellow and an Open Studio fellow respectively. Jordan, hailing from Minnesota, and April, visiting from Canada, worked collaboratively on a sculpture and live performance, both titled We Move Still. The work not only incorporates steel and blue debris netting, but also lists […]

In 2005, New York artist Zaq Landsberg purchased two acres in a remote Utah desert for $610 off of eBay. After venturing out to the land that summer, Landsberg and a few friends who would become the first Zaqistani citizens declared independence from the United States and founded the Republic of Zaqistan. Ten years later, […]