Gittin’ Down to Business

Most of our events for this season are over, but things are still very busy around the park. We have 4 intern artists and 3 fellowship artists making work out on the pad. We’re getting ready for winter both by preserving veggies and gorging ourselves on pizza. Gotta stay warm somehow!

Becca is currently working on a 20-ft long frame equipped with meat hooks on which to hang a life size pegasus made out of muslin, resin, and cheesecloth. She says she was partially inspired by North Korea’s choice to make the Chollima, a magical horse similar to Pegasus, their national animal. Sounds eerie, grizzly, and beautiful.

Sierra is in the process of casting her iron molds. She’s also cast a small pregnant man from a clay model she made, and plans to throw him in to the mix for her final sculpture. She hopes to build a tall cylinder that encompasses the viewer made entirely from her cast irons.

Sutton is busy working on some curved, wooden, umbrella-like elements to add to his play-structure sculpture, that he hopes will compliment its rectilinear nature. These sections will be made of laminated sections of wood, lashed together almost like a basket. Here he is forming the individual sections on a 1/4 circle jig.

Tina is hard at work drilling holes in her glass bottle collection in order to wire them to chain link fence. She’s getting ready to move out to the park and work on site, where the bottles will perhaps take the form of text woven in to the fencing.

Jerome Fellowship artist Peter Morales has begun carving the stone on which his large antlered egg will sit. Here he is giving me a demo of the different kinds of stone carving bits he uses.

In typical Peter fashion, he has now decided to make the egg’s antlers slightly bigger and curvier, perhaps branching off in to another point.

Jerome Fellowship artist and, get this, doctor of Neuroscience, Pablo Garcia Lopez has moved his disembodied head and foot outside, and is currently working on the accompanying disembodied chest. The body parts have sprouted tubing and foamy innards, and will eventually spurt water. In other news, Pablo and his wife Virginia make a mean paella. I had photographic evidence, but I ate that too.

Jerome Fellowship artist Alex Lindsay has since finished the trolley he is pictured with. His box truck will soon sit on top of it while it moves up and down its track on an I-beam. He plans to project different videos and images on the inside walls of the box truck, as well. Here’s a video of the many different moving parts of his sculpture here.

In addition to art-making, we’re also staying busy getting ready for the cold weather. We’ve brought our herbs inside to live on our newly made potted plant shelves, courtesy of Hugh Condrey Bryant. In general, we’re organizing our potted plants so things feel more lush, green, and tropical come winter.

I’m trying to get a hoop house up in the next week or so for winter greens, but we do have some new lettuces popping up right now!

We’ve also been preserving the surplus veggies we get from our farm work-share partners Tiny Planet and Foxtail Farm. We send them 2 intern artists every other week in exchange for a CSA share during the summer, and boy do they spoil us. We have enough kimchi to last us all winter!

I’ll close this blog post with a gif I recorded last night, which was pizza night. It’s an homage to one of the most ridiculous videos on you tube.


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