Meet the Fellowship Artists

Have you visited the park recently and noticed the smell of hay wafting over the exhibit? Or have you noticed a strange trail of white foam leading from the public bathrooms to the house? These are the signs that our current fellowship artists are making new art. Read on to find out more about them (and solve the mystery of the trail of foam).

JAY ROTH (Here on behalf of SAYA WOOLFALK)

Jay is here making a piece for Saya Woolfalk. He is from Syracuse, NY. He says his experience at Franconia has been wonderful. He is learning a lot about how an artist residency should run properly. He has also learned a lot about cooking food. He says the most influential artists to him are Richard Hunt, Roxy Pane, and James Turrell. After Franconia he will be going to Gilbertsville, NY. His dream is to one day have a place similar to Franconia. The pic above is a pic of Saya’s almost completed piece. High five to Jay for being the executor of Saya’s piece. To read more about Saya’s work, click this link to read an interview Saya did in 2012 with the Montclair Art Museum.

PABLO LOPEZ (Here on behalf of himself-and foam)

Pablo is from Madrid, Spain, but has lived in New York for about five years. His experience at Franconia has been very positive. He has enjoyed engaging with the community of artists and interns and would like to give a special shout-out to the interns (like the foam-covered Rebecca, above) for all the help that they have given him (there will be a post on the interns next week!). Like Jay, Pablo has enjoyed our excellent selection of food, and has also enjoyed the natural environment in the St. Croix Valley. His art has been influenced by the musician John Zorn. After Franconia he will go back to New York to return to teaching at the School of Visual Arts.


Robyn and J are both from Brooklyn. They say that their experience at Franconia has been very tiring, but very good. They ALSO think that the food is very good (that is a picture of them eating our food). J says he is influenced by the Dogon people of Africa, while Robyn is influenced by Sally Mann. After Franconia, J and Robyn will part while Robyn goes to Nebraska to do a residency at Art Farm, and J goes to The McColl Center for Visual Arts in North Carolina to also complete a residency.

PETER MORALES (Who the heck is this guy?)

Peter wasn’t around to comment because he was busy watching Cat Videos at the Walker Art Center. Click this link to see an interview that Peter did in May for Minnesota Original.


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