New Intern Artists, Skinning squirrels, and Dead Whoopie Cushions

One of the best things about Franconia Sculpture Park…

…is the ever-changing cast of characters that pass through our artist residency and intern artist fellowship programs. This week on the Franconia blog you’ll meet the four new fall interns. Sierra, Sutton, Rebecca, and Tina have been here about 3 weeks, and we’ve already celebrated two birthday, skinned a squirrels and snakes, purchased, overused and broken a whoopie cushion, had several dance parties, and are planning a Pirate Parade. We’ve also got a new Assistant Park Manager, Hugh Condrey Bryant, an intern from spring 2013, and a new Program Assistant, Claire Barber, (that’s me), an intern from summer 2012. In the coming months, I’ll be alternating blog posts with our lovely administrative intern Rachele Krivichi.

pfffffttttt…RIP whoopie

Rachel cheesin’ by the blacklight during her birthday dance party

Carissa, Hugh, and Sutton testing one of our vessels for the Pirate Parade.

Jason shows off his new snakeskin.

Squirrel and surgeons post-op.

The time I got stuck in a bathtub at Menards.

And now for the interns…

Sierra Rose Rasco comes to us from Plattsburgh, NY, just south of the Canadian boarder. She attended SUNY Plattsburgh, where she received a BFA Sculptin’ and Ceramics.

Park Manager Jason and Sierra listen up during critique.

Sutton Demlong hails from Tempe, AZ, where he attended Arizona State University and recieved his BFA in Sculpture as well.

Sutton works on a small inflatable maquette.

Tina Cooper was born and raised in Waterbury, CT and attended Bennington College where she recieved a BA in Sculpture and Set Design.

We took Tina on a waterfall adventure for her birthday!

Finally, Rebecca Hoffman was born in South Korea, but raised in the Twin Cities. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with BFA in Sculpture.

Becca getting foamy with Jerome Fellowship Artist Pablo Garcia Lopez’s sculpture.

To get to know our interns a little better, I asked them a few questions.

Q: What’s your favorite sculpture you’ve ever made? What was the most recent sculpture you made?
Sierra: The last sculpture I made was a cast concrete slab 5’x2’x6’’ with an iron cast of a baby doll, face down, trapped within the slab. My favorite piece I’ve made thus far is a steel fabricated laundry basket filled with raw eggs. The piece was created to represent the struggles women are still burdened with today.
Sutton: My most recent sculpture is an interactive, mechanical piece that represents the silliness of indecision. It is currently installed at Salem Art Works.
Tina: My last sculpture included an 8′ long plaster and burlap “display case” containing about 40 porcelain slip casted pill bottle hybrids. This is also my favorite sculpture.
Rebbeca: Full scale plastic bag parachute and my toolbox.

What’s your spirit tool?
Sierra: Screw gun.
Sutton: Combination square.
Tina: Table saw.
Rebecca: Box knife.

Most inspirational artist?
Sierra: Janine Antoni has been the most influential artist for me and my work. I respect her process and dedication she has when conveying an idea.
Sutton: Louise Bourgeois.
Tina: John Umphlett.
Rebecca: Yves Klein and my professors.

Favorite reading material while on the throne?
Sierra: …I check my email with my phone…
Sutton: Usually I just stare mindlessly at Facebook on my phone or read the news.
Tina: Newspaper.
Rebecca: The Sun Literary Magazine.

Favorite thing you’ve done since you arrived at the park?
Sierra: Being a teacher at Kids Make Sculpture.
Sutton: Swimming in the river.
Tina: Skinning a squirrel with Carissa.
Rebecca: Helping other artists and sit-down meals.

That’s all for now!


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