The 17th Annual Art and Artists Celebration: Rain, Iron, Music, and Glow Sticks

All week we watched the weather, and all week we knew it would rain, but we knew that the 17th Annual Art and Artists Celebration had to happen, rain, shine, or blizzard.

Luckily, it didn’t blizzard! That’s how we stay positive around here ; ) Although it rained for a good portion of the day, our original schedule did not change very much. We had bands, an iron pour, music, fun, and an interpretive walking/dance performance involving glow sticks.

The first band, Perennial, showed up during the heaviest part of the storm, and although they weren’t able to do their full set as planned, band member Josh Younggren played a solo act, Superstructure, on our front porch.

The rave-like set boomed out across the park while other activities, like face painting, carried on. Jane Meyer, a volunteer and friend of the park, enjoys food from the food truck while participating in face painting.

Other volunteers, like Toni Rad, showed up in bright colors to contrast the dark weather outside.

The iron pour and iron artists used the fires of their furnace to keep warm.

Alison Anderson Holland led her first performance of the day at around 4, with T-Shirts saying, “Walk This Way.”

Other artists of a different medium showed up to paint.

As the night went on, the porch served as a great stage for musical performances, following the trend of Superstructure earlier.

Then things got weird, wouldn’t you say?

A neon glow illuminated the park for the rest of the night as Alison led her second performance out to Mike Rathbun’s “Parade.”

Rain date? Psh, who needs it?!


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