New Work by Holly Streekstra and Nathan Coutts @ Casket

In 2011, Franconia Sculpture Park established an urban home at the Casket Arts Community Complex in Northeast Minneapolis, MN, at 1781 Jefferson St. NE. Franconia in the City @ Casket offers an outdoor sculpture exhibition and an indoor gallery space for exhibitions of two- and three-dimensional art. At the start of 2014, Franconia opened a call for artists interested in exhibiting their work at the Casket gallery space. If you enjoyed shows by Franconia alumni at Casket this spring, we hope you’ll consider coming out to see new work by Holly Streekstra and Nathan Coutts.


Matte B, 2014, Yellow


 Memorial, 2014, mirror and window shade

Streekstra, a Minneapolis-based artist, has completed several residencies at Franconia Sculpture Park. As a Franconia Sculpture Park/Jerome Fellow in 2008, she created Porta Obscura, a portable camera obscura housed in a shotgun-style space atop a truck trailer. In 2013, she returned as a Hot Metal Artist for our annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour  created Fool Your Friends, a series of cast iron carrots as a nod to the famous Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner feud. Streekstra received her MFA from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge in 2006, and since then has exhibited internationally in Germany, Slovenia, Finland, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to lecture as Mixed Media professor at Káposvar University in Hungary.

Picture 1Porta Obscura, 2008, camera obscura on exhibition at Franconia

Picture 2Porta Obscura (detail)

Picture 4Porta Obscura (detail)

Coutts, also a Minneapolis-based artist and curator, is a newcomer to the Franconia fold, and we’re very excited to exhibit his artwork. Coutts studied at the Art Academy of Cinncinati and the University of Akron, and has exhibited and curated shows internationally as well. He is the current Programming Manager at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis.

Coutts thinks of his art-making as a “series of repeated behaviors“. It is a practice in the purest sense that produces sculptures, paintings, and videos. The artworks are not the end goal, but rather the product of an ongoing line of inquiry.

Picture 3Matte, 2014, Gesso, matte varnish, stretched canvas, 11 x 14 x .75 inches

Picture 1The Sound of my Heart, 2006, mechanical human pulse embedded into a wall

The show opens October 17th and runs until November 8th at the Franconia in the City @ Casket Gallery in the Casket Arts Complex. Gallery hours are 1-5 pm on Friday and Saturday, or by appointment. To make an appointment call 1-920-345-6710. Franconia’s gallery located in the Casket Arts Community Complex is a 1,700 (38’ x 46’) square foot finished exhibition space with concrete floors.

Funding for Holly Streekstra’s work “Memorial” is provided, in part, through a grant from the Howard B. & Ruth F. Brin Jewish Arts Endowment, a fund of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation.


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