6 Ways to Become a Franconia Artist

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What you need to know

Deadlines for our 2015 Artist Opportunities are right around the corner, so go ahead and dust off those old slides, contact your references, and update that resume, so you too can be part of 2015 @ Franconia.

Franconia accepts applications to 6 different opportunities, each with their own set of requirements and deadlines (some of which are mere weeks away), so make sure you check out each one individually on our Artist Opportunities page to get the full scoop. In the meantime here’s a quick rundown of the programs…


Internships at Franconia support pre-professional and emerging artists who are nearing the end, or have recently completed, their undergraduate or graduate studies. We have programs for artists and those interested in working in arts administration. The Intern Artist Program is the brainchild of John Hock, co-founder and Artistic Director/CEO, based on pivotal experiences he had as a young artist. Internships began with the park’s founding in 1996 and have grown to support more than 200 emerging artists and arts administrators to date. Recognized by the National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts for program excellence, these programs are designed to bridge the gap between the academic world of artistic training and a professional career

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Intern Artist Residency
Deadline: February 13, 2015

The Intern Artist program is an opportunity to create large-scale three-dimensional artwork, develop a deeper artistic practice, receive mentorship from professional artists-in-residence, conduct public presentations, and participate in public engagement programs while in residence at Franconia. In exchange for 5 hours of a work per day, Intern Artists are generously compensated with room, board, and studio space.

Hot Metal Intern Artist Residency
Deadline: March 14, 2015

In addition to receiving room, board and studio space, Hot Metal Intern Artists are invited to include finished artwork in Franconia’s 2015 Cast Metal Exhibition. They will assist Lead Artists during the community iron pour and the Hot Metal Artists iron pour.

Arts Administration Internship
Deadline: Rolling

This position is best suited for those interested in exploring public art, museum studies, arts administration or nonprofit management careers. Interns work directly with Franconia staff and closely with working artists on a range of projects that relate to all areas of nonprofit operation. Through this program, interns will develop a deeper understanding of nonprofit arts administration, the role of the arts in the community, audience development and engagement, and develop “real life” skills and experiences that can be put to use in their future careers.

Fellowship Artist Programs

These programs are geared towards mid-career and established artists who demonstrate significant achievement in their careers. These opportunities provide artists and/or artist teams the ability to create ambitious new projects and exhibit work while in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park. We encourage proposals for multi-media, performance, three-dimensional installation, and site-specific sculpture.

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Jerome Fellowship
Deadline: February 6, 2015

The Jerome Fellowship is available to artists residing in New York City or Minnesota. Only one application is required to apply to either fellowship opportunity. Fellowship artists (both Open Studio and Jerome Fellows) receive a stipend of $4K – $5K to support their time in residence and the creation of new work. They receive studio space in the 7,000 square foot outdoor work area and are expected to participate in community programming during their residency.

Open Studio Fellowship
Deadline: February 6, 2015

Fellowships provide an opportunity for artists and/or artist teams to create ambitious new projects and exhibit work while in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park. Franconia’s Open Studio Fellowship provides all of the same benefits as the Jerome Fellowship, but is available to artists in all 50 states of the U.S.

Hot Metal Artist Residency
Deadline: March 14, 2015

Calling all cast iron fanatics! This program provides artists with the opportunity to work in a supportive environment where artists are stimulated, challenged, and rewarded by the process of creating large-scale sculpture and/or installation; studio space in which to experiment with pattern and mold making; space and time to exchange ideas and techniques with other artists; the opportunity to exhibit finished work in a highly visible public sculpture park; and the chance to build lifelong friendships and important professional networks.


In addition to an ever-changing outdoor exhibition on 43-acres of rural land, Franconia also offers artists opportunities to exhibit work in Minneapolis.

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Franconia in the City @ Casket
Deadline: Rolling

In 2011, Franconia Sculpture Park established an urban home at the Casket Arts Community Complex in Northeast Minneapolis, MN at 1781 Jefferson St. NE. Franconia in the City @ Casket offers an outdoor sculpture exhibition and an indoor gallery space for exhibitions of two- and three-dimensional art. Franconia’s gallery located in the Casket Arts Community Complex is a 1,700 (38’ x 46’) square foot finished exhibition space with concrete floors.

Don’t Forget

While you’re busy filling out your applications, don’t forget to take a break every once in a while and come visit the park. We’re open 365 days a year dawn until dusk – so it’s always a good time to Start Seeing Sculpture.

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