Celebrate good times, Come on!

***Happy International Sculpture Day***

Amy ToscaniThis Just In (1)
International Sculpture Center
, publisher of Sculpture Magazine, founded International Sculpture Day in 2014 as a worldwide celebration honoring the incredible art form that is SCULPTURE.

“International Sculpture Day, or IS Day, is an annual celebration event held worldwide on April 24 to further the ISC’s mission of advancing the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society”

As you know, Franconia Sculpture Park is dedicated to furthering this mission as well. At Franconia, we foster an inspiring outdoor environment for the community to create, engage, and learn about three-dimensional art through an annual exhibition of over 100 sculptures created by artists-in-residence. In addition to our open air sculpture laboratory, Franconia offers visitors an opportunity to view sculpture in a more traditional gallery setting in Northeast Minneapolis.

This year we’ll be celebrating International Sculpture Day with an art opening sure to excite the child within. Join us on Friday, April 24 from 6-8 PM for the exhibition opening reception of longtime Franconia friend and alumna Amy Toscani.

Amy Toscani: This Just In opening at Franconia in the City @ Casket Gallery


Amy Toscani’s Rocco currently on exhibit at Franconia Sculpture Park

Amy Toscani is well-known across the Midwest for her monumental-scale sculptures in places like the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus, Western Sculpture Park in St. Paul, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 2014, she exhibited a collection of her works CHASTUSHKI for the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at the Minnesota Institute of Arts. Amy Toscani, the recipient of many grants and awards from the Jerome, McKnight, and Bush Foundations, has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions in Minnesota and the Midwest. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate studio art degrees at Ohio University.

This Just In will feature Toscani’s rugged style and optimistic buoyancy that viewers love, and that Toscani once humorously described as “a weird mix of fantasy and 4-H.” She has taken that proposition several steps further in recent years, making a shift to working on a human scale and producing new sculptures that are colorful, multi-layered, and wittily reflective of American consumer society. Toscani works with an eclectic mix of found thrift-store objects, fabric, multi-colored plastic, asphalt, and other materials as they present themselves.

“IS Day will include a wide range of events, openings, educational and promotional activities around the world to include, but not limited to open day at museum/sculpture park, open studios tours, demonstrations, workshops, panels, talks, presentations, discussions, parties and openings, sculpture exhibits, shows, tours of collections, private and public, pop up shows, exhibitions, and more!”

If you can’t make it to Franconia’s IS Day celebration, check with International Sculpture Center to find an event near you. No matter where you are in the world today, you too can celebrate and

Start Seeing Sculpture



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