Concrete and steel and wood, oh my!

Pumpkin Spice is back in stores – a sure sign that fall is in full swing! Our intern artists are feeling the cold creep in but aren’t letting that stop them. You can find these hardworkers out on the workpad into the dark and chilly hours daily. They each are creating a large sculpture to install in our 43 acre outdoor exhibition as well as smaller works to include in our exhibition Private Viewing as part of Open Casket at the Casket Arts Complex.  We had a chance to sit down with them and hear a little bit about their personal practices. Here’s what they had to say:


Thaddeus Sadowski DSCN6758

Why did you want to be an intern artist at Franconia?

I wanted to be in a place where I could create without outside pressures, and bounce ideas off of other people.

What are you working on to exhibit at FSP?

I’m currently working on a large-scale steel piece that is changing it’s shape almost daily and references decrepit and broken down objects that we pass by in everyday life.

What did you show at Private Viewing?

For the Casket show I’m created a piece called Cake Tectonics that plays with balance and the act of rocking, it is very much see-saw inspired.

What will you be doing when you leave? 

When I leave Franconia I will be installing two new pieces in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, and hope to organize three sculpture shows across New England through my non-profit Sculpture in Open Spaces.

Kendra Elyse Douglas_DSC0376

Why did you want to be an intern artist at Franconia?

The idea of co-habitating, learning, and working with people who share my passion for art and creating massive sculpture to be seen by children, biker gangs, grandparents, dogs and everyone in between at Franconia Sculpture Park excited me nearly to the point of jumping out of my own skin.  Also– I came to see the flying pigs!

What are you working on to exhibit at FSP?

I am creating an architectural space for viewers to walk into. There are two brick walls, which meet at a corner and undulate down. On the interior there is a staircase that leads up to a landing in the corner where the viewer can look through a window in one wall. The viewer can then turn and continue up the staircase on the second wall. Around the back side it opens up to a balcony with a gnarly organic metal railing and a casting of my arm reaching out and down from the balcony. The work is partially inspired by the great love story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and partly inspired by the romance and tragedies of my own lived experiences. I have a few more surprises and details in mind, but you’ll have to come experience them in person at Franconia Sculpture Park.

What did you show at Private Viewing?

I showed three sculptures at the Casket Gallery for the Private Viewing Exhibition. The first, Untitled, is a lounging lady that was birthed through a playful dialogue between my subconscious, hands, and a variety of materials. The second, Polistinae, is four aluminum cast faces in the formation of a spiral. The faces repeated are individualized by the broken fragments and growths of aluminum wasp nests you’ll find bulging through. The third, The Irony of Victory, is a casting of my arm in hyrdostone (a sort of dense plaster) holding an aluminum cast mouse in two fingers with three broken fingers found in the mouse trap below.

What will you be doing when you leave? 

Once my internship at Franconia is complete I will be on my way back to Cincinnati where I plan to work at Brazee Street Studios which is an artist community housing over 25 professional artist studios, Brazee Street School of Glass, and C-LINK Gallery. I also plan to exhibit my work as much as possible and begin the research and application process for graduate school.

Leah Junquera


Why did you want to be an intern artist at Franconia?

I wanted to go to a new place and work larger than I ever had before.  This is the furthest west I’ve ever been and I wanted to react to a different landscape as well as the different traditions.

What are you working on to exhibit at FSP?

I’m currently working on a fabric, wood, and cement sculpture.  The fabric will descend from the wood to surround a large cement bundt cake.  Hopefully creating an intimate space within the fabric walls.

The bundt cake was created in Minnesota.  That cake and Minneapolis’s Gold Medal Flour mill have influenced my work at Franconia. Both items are made in an industrial setting but are used for domestic work.  To me it creates an interesting dialogue about much more than a cake.

What did you show at Private Viewing?

In Private Viewing I featured some painting, mixed media, and sculpture.  I’m continuing with a line of work that incorporates humor, admiration and frustration towards domestic work.

What will you be doing when you leave? 
After Franconia, I’ll be working in a reclaimed factory space in upstate NY.  Hopefully creating a temporary studio and gallery space there.

AJ Meadows_DSC0635

AJ was invited to exhibit sculpture at the prestigious Milan Biennale. We’ve surely missed him recently and can’t wait for him to return in just a few days. We’ll share lots of photos and updates about his sculpture when he returns so stay tuned!

As these four finish their sculptures we’ll be posting lots of photos so be sure to “like us” on facebook and browse the Meet the Artists section on our website. Then stop by the park to Start Seeing Sculpture!


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