Glenn Williams: 2016 Open Studio Fellow

In my work I explore various elements of the human condition, particularly those aspects of the human condition that impact our sense of identity. I draw from personal experiences, current political topics, historical references and literary sources to address themes of alienation, growth and perseverance. 




Dimensions variable with installation
PVC Pipe


Describe your creative process:

12GW: My creative process is rooted in the idea of constructs, be they environmental, social, or political in nature. I am interested in how human constructs shape reality and inform the way we interact with each other on a daily basis.

Tell me about your project at FSP:

GW: The project that I built at Franconia was based on the concept of gentrification. I wanted to create a physical manifestation of a schematic drawing of an urban Brownstone and place that structure in a rural setting to raise questions about displacement and the fragility of human constructs.


Why did you propose this project for FSP?

GW: It was an opportunity for me to explore a new medium at a scale that would be typically prohibited.

How does your project relate to your previous work?

GW: The project is an extension of my interest in environmental constructs and how these constructs inform our understanding of our reality.

What did the experience of working here offer you?

GW: The experience of working at Franconia Sculpture Park offered me uninterrupted time to explore and develop some of the conceptual ideas and material interest that I have surrounding my practice.

How did your time at Franconia compare to other residencies?

GW: Franconia’s flexibility with my schedule was instrumental in enabling me to do the residency. That is one of the primary reasons why I pursued the opp13ortunity.

Where and with whom did you study?

GW: I received my BA and MA from the University of Northern Iowa, where I studied with Tom Stancliffe and Kee-Ho Yuen, and my MFA from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where I studied with Aristotle Georgiades.

What did you learn at FSP? // What was your biggest challenge?

GW: As with any experience in life, you must learn to adapt to your environment. The staff at Franconia Sculpture Park graciously helped with that transition with their knowledge of the area and their expertise in the area of fabrication. The biggest challenge was having convenient access to some of the materials that I was exploring and dealing with the mosquitos.




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The Open Studio Fellowship Program is made possible by generous lead support from the Windgate Charitable Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, and many generous individuals, Thank You. Established in 2005, the Open Studio Fellowship Program supports the creation of new works by emerging and mid-career visual artists from across America.


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