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Glenn Williams: 2016 Open Studio Fellow

In my work I explore various elements of the human condition, particularly those aspects of the human condition that impact our sense of identity. I draw from personal experiences, current political topics, historical references and literary sources to address themes of alienation, growth and perseverance.    Untitled Dimensions variable with installation PVC Pipe 2016   […]

Ellie Murphy: 2016 Open Studio Fellow

I have always wanted to make a semi-permanent outdoor sculpture with a very large hanging fiber element or fringe. So I designed a model based on this simple idea for the Franconia Sculpture Park 20th Anniversary Fellowship. In reference to Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel Little Women, I have chosen each color to represent one […]

Spotlight’s on Lu Xu’s Living Sculpture!

In 1950, at the eve of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Liang Sicheng, the nation’s leading architect, proposed to Mao a plan for the new Beijing city, which divided it into three function-orientated districts and located the central government west to the old Beijing city. The plan prioritized the city’s efficiency, allowed […]

Can you dig it?

A cold December morning sitting on the west side of the wrap around porch with one hand firmly gripping a ceramic smiling pig mug hosting a bit of pungent hot coffee and the other hand tucked tightly into a cozy coat pocket. Peering past the porch railing, beyond Bridget Beck’s Playstation, behind the quiet and […]