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2018 Valentine’s Day Hot Metal Pour Part 2: Life as a Professional Artist working in Cast Iron

“Iron casting has melted who I thought I was, and has molded me into who I have become.” -Tamsie Ringler   Welcome to part two of our 2018 Valentine’s Day Hot Metal blog feature! This week we’re focusing on Life as a Professional Artist Working in Cast Iron, or what I might also refer to as […]

Who will shape this landscape? Franconia’s 2015 Artists-in-Residence

The snow is gone, the house has undergone a serious spring cleaning session, the artists’ work pad is organized, garden veggies are sprouting in our kitchen waiting to be planted, but the most exciting part about this month is already underway. Franconia will once again host a diverse group of artists from all around the world at our […]

Will You Be Franconia’s Valentine?

A Cupola Updates Some Sculpture Park Scoop: 2014 was a fantastic year here at the Park and we’re eager to tell you all about it in this video; Deadlines for many of our artist opportunities are quickly approaching: Fellows and Intern Artists, get those applications in ASAP! (Hot Metal Artists you have a little extra time); Longtime alum Bobby […]

6 Ways to Become a Franconia Artist

What you need to know Deadlines for our 2015 Artist Opportunities are right around the corner, so go ahead and dust off those old slides, contact your references, and update that resume, so you too can be part of 2015 @ Franconia. Franconia accepts applications to 6 different opportunities, each with their own set of requirements […]

Time for a good, old-fashioned throwback!

This week for #ThrowbackThursday we featured Franconia alum Bridget Beck and her whimsical PlayStation. In her honor we’re even throwing back the blog to a Bridget style post. Here goes: For those of you at work sneaking a glimpse in between meetings, here’s the abridged version Bridget named: Some Sculpture Park Scoop We’ve announced our 2015 Artist Opportunities. […]

New Work by Holly Streekstra and Nathan Coutts @ Casket

In 2011, Franconia Sculpture Park established an urban home at the Casket Arts Community Complex in Northeast Minneapolis, MN, at 1781 Jefferson St. NE. Franconia in the City @ Casket offers an outdoor sculpture exhibition and an indoor gallery space for exhibitions of two- and three-dimensional art. At the start of 2014, Franconia opened a […]

Announcing the 2014 Artists-in-Residence!

It’s that time of the year again – artists are converging here in rural Minnesota to live and create at Franconia Sculpture Park.  This year we were able to award 10 competitive fellowships with funding support to emerging and mid-career artists from across the country.  These Fellowship Artists will be in residence at Franconia for […]