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Meet the Franconia Spring 2018 Intern Artist Fellows!

  While April blizzards this year caused a bit of a delay for our Spring Intern Artists, they were hardly fazed and have hit the muddy ground running on their individual sculptures and daily park work. Meet Ila Krishnamoorthy (NJ), Martin Gonzales (MN), Ella Snow (NC), and Nathan Kim (NYC) and be sure to see […]

Meet our Fall 2017 Intern Artists!

The final four interns of 2017 are here! Jonathan Forrence, Angela St. Vrain, Samantha Rathbun, and Jordan Olsen have settled in to the house and on to the work pad, and they have begun creating new large-scale sculptures to be installed here at Franconia. Fall is our longest intern term here at the park, spanning […]

Meet our Summer 2017 Intern Artists!

Summertime is peak season here at Franconia Sculpture Park, with our Music@Franconia series, Kids Make Sculpture workshops, scratch block workshops and Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour, the Hot Metal Resident Artist Pour, and more visitors than any other time of the year! Meet the crew that keeps us going through our hottest time of the year: […]

Meet our Spring 2017 Interns!

Check out our Fantastic Five, also known as Parky Park & the Funky Bunch: Andrew Ingersoll, Jordan Jirschele, Connor McNerney, Alicia Proudfoot, and Heidi Zenisek! Meet Andrew Ingersoll Hometown: San Diego, CA Education: University of California, Berkeley What is your Spirit Tool? Albuterol Inhaler What is your breakfast go-to? Bananas How did you hear about […]

Meet our Spring Interns!

Get to know our Spring 2016 interns!

Concrete and steel and wood, oh my!

Pumpkin Spice is back in stores – a sure sign that fall is in full swing! Our intern artists are feeling the cold creep in but aren’t letting that stop them. You can find these hardworkers out on the workpad into the dark and chilly hours daily. They each are creating a large sculpture to install […]

The Boys are Back in Town

To date, Franconia has hosted more than 800 artists from around the world. A few of these artists have returned as staff members, held multiple fellowships, participated in the annual iron pour, collaborated on projects, or just come back to say hello. Whether here for just a season or for the entire 19 years, each member of the […]