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Franconia Sculpture Park hires renowned sculptor Robert Brady for Summer 2019

Brady will work with resident artists, interns Franconia Sculpture Park is pleased to announce that noted sculptor Robert Brady will join its resident artists, fellows and artist interns at the 43 acre sculpture park to provide mentorship, inspiration and support to the 40+ artists working during summer 2019. Robert Brady is an American modernist sculptor who works in ceramics and wood. Born in Reno, […]

August Music @ Franconia: Ben Weaver, Superior Siren, and Strong Buffalo

Our third and final Music @ Franconia event of 2018 is coming up THIS Saturday, August 25th from 2 to 6pm! Starting off the afternoon in our artist-designed Earthen Amphitheater will be Superior Siren, an all-female band from Duluth bringing eerie folk sounds from the shores of Lake Superior, and Dakota poet and performer Strong Buffalo, Headlining the event will be […]

July Music @ Franconia: Lady Lark and the Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League

On July 21st, Franconia Sculpture Park had the utmost pleasure of letting loose with Lady Lark, a Minneapolis artist reviving a sound that echoes 20 years of pop, soul, and funk music. 89.3 The Current has called her “a pop/soul star to be” with “that 90’s R&B heat.” Taylor Harris, also known as Lady Lark, […]

2017 Community Collaborative Hot Metal Pour at Franconia

Temperatures have been hot so far this summer, but its about to get even hotter here at Franconia, 2,700° in fact. That’s right, it’s that time once again for the annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour here at Franconia Sculpture Park! This summer marks the 21st year of the event, with an iron pour having taken […]

Spotlight on Jordan Rosenow and April Martin: We Move Still

Jordan Rosenow and April Martin arrived at Franconia this summer as an FSP/Jerome fellow and an Open Studio fellow respectively. Jordan, hailing from Minnesota, and April, visiting from Canada, worked collaboratively on a sculpture and live performance, both titled We Move Still. The work not only incorporates steel and blue debris netting, but also lists […]

Spotlight on Soundscapes: Bill Klaila

Bill Klaila, who joined us this spring from Minneapolis, was one of our 2017 FSP/Jerome Fellows. On Bill’s first day at the park, he recalls that “there were over 200 people visiting Franconia. That ramped up my motivation considerably.” A common theme in Bill’s body of work is the idea of evolving an artwork over […]

Looking Back at this Spring’s Arts in Rural Places

On June 6th, we wrapped up this year’s Arts in Rural Places program here at Franconia. This year, the program was designed to combine STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with arts learning in order to help students strengthen their associations between art-making and the world around them. The incorporation of STEM really resonated with […]

Spotlight on Asia Ward’s Solar Tree

At night, in the open country or the mountains, when there is a clear sky and a full moon, the landscape becomes flattened, and all details are reduced to simple and distinct layers of neutral colors. My work explores the surreal dimensional shifts of landscape through time and light, and is shaped by my memories […]

Shanice Jackson Ellison: 2016 FSP/Jerome Fellow

When I was younger, I would explore the strip of trees behind my house multiple times a day. It wasn’t a very large area, so I would see the same rocks, the same mushrooms, and the same leftover refuse from previous visitors. However, each trip would feel like a new adventure. Between the walls made […]

2017 Valentines Day Iron Pour

In today’s day and age, with the ability to get anything at the click of a button or a drive to the store, we are less aware of where our possessions come from and how they come into being. One process often used in production is the casting of objects from molds. Franconia Sculpture Park’s […]