I play with photographic images in a sculptural way.  I do this using a computer-code like language and intuitive organic compositions related to natural processes of growth and decay.  I act out apparent contradictions to capture synchronicity and the fleeting sensation of the present moment.  My language is an ever-expanding vocabulary of actions, which I […]

“Survey makers, also called survey marks, survey monuments, or geodetic marks are objects placed to make key survey points on the Earth’s surface. They are used in geodetic and land surveying. Informally, such marks are referred to as benchmark, although strictly speaking the term “benchmark” is reserved for marks that indicate elevation.  Horizontal position markers […]

Me-Oh-My! Summer is flying by!  In a few short weeks, we will be welcoming over 20 iron artists from around the world to Franconia Sculpture Park to prepare for our annual Community Iron Pour! But before things get too hot-see what I did there- we want to introduce you to our summer interns, Matt, Lily, Christine and Joe, who […]

With her sculpture Death Bed, FSP/Jerome Fellowship Artist, Jess Hirsch (MN), invites you to contemplate death in the comfort of nature.

Get to know our Spring 2016 interns!

Building Blocks: Emily Stover Connects the World!   This article is coming to you from the Internet, and not via the postal service, one of the plethora of topics explored by artist Emily Stover and used to influence her art. The concepts she has found a passion in researching can be seen in her sculptures, […]

“Loquacious” certainly isn’t a word you hear every day, so what exactly does it mean? [loh-kwey-shuh s]. Adjective. Talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering;babbling; garrulous: a loquacious dinner guest. Lovely! Alejandro Guzman’s piece, Loquacious #2, is displayed here at Franconia. We may have to talk about it a bit loquaciously to get the scoop on what went into making it! Describe your creative process. My practice is […]